Types Of Charts

Types of Charts The mt5 trading platform offers three types of charts namely, the Line Chart, Bar Chart and  The Candlestick Chart   Line Chart   A line chart is a chart that represents data using a continuous line. This line is plotted using the closing prices of the time-frame selected. For instance on the [...]

Trading Psychology

Trading Psychology   Trading psychology is a very important part of trading, in fact trading is 80% psychology and 20% strategy. This means that mastering your own psychology is more important than mastering any trading strategy. Psychology will determine if you will do your part in analysis, if you will trade according to the rules, [...]

Trading Like a Pro

Trading like a pro   Trading is a business and as such to be consistently profitable you must have processes in place to ensure you become profitable. Like any business you must define certain things like what are your business hours and how you will trade and the strategy you will use. Trading processes may [...]


Liquidity Market Liquidity There are a number of financial markets in existence that trade different securities, such as the stock market, futures markets, forex market. Liquidity refers to the buying and selling volumes in a market, as a trade should have two parties at any given time; the buyer and seller. The higher the liquidity, [...]

Fundamental Analysis

Fundamental Analysis   Fundamental Analysis is an analysis methodology in which the trader considers the economies of the currencies they are trading. Different economies have different economic engines that drive them setting the value of their respective values. There are a number of factors that affect economies and ultimately the value of currencies, these can [...]


Correlation The world is a global community meaning that there are relationships that exist that keep things moving. This is true also for trade and commerce, as there are relationships that exist between some currencies and even with goods such as commodities. Correlation is the relationship between two things. Some currency pairs are correlated meaning [...]

Configure MT5

Setup mt5 Trading Template:   A template allows you to configure the visual appearance of your charts. Templates will make it easy for you to use the same chart properties on a number of charts. You can change the type of chart you want to analyze or the colors that you want the chart to [...]

Bulls and Bears

Bulls & Bears Trading involves having two participants in the market, those that are buying and those that are selling.   Bulls In trading circles the buyers in the market are referred to as Bulls because of the effect they have on  price. Bulls fight by pushing upwards hence buyers have been likened to bulls [...]


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